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      Serial numberProjectMatters needing attention
      1Please select the corresponding application form according to your samples need testing project, and complete, clearly fill out the information related to a sample.The application of electronic files can be obtained through the following ways:
       Applications DownDownElectronic files;
       2.Through measuring business or customer service contacts to get;
       3.Through Claim
      2Please fill in the application form, together with the contact card and sample courier or sent to the measurement 1.If the sample delivery to the Division I, please name your contact information and our business or customer service personnel and contact in the courier leave。
       2.For the samples to select the right packaging, so as not to sample in the express of contaminated, confusion or leakage;
       3.You must provide a sufficient amount of sample, so as not to delay your test cycle; if you don t know calculating sample quantity, please contact our business or customer service staff;
       4.In order to shorten the delivery time, it is recommended that you use the SF express company
      3After the receipt of samples will inform you, and make quotation, fax or E-mail to you  If you sent the samples, did not receive the telephone or quotation, please contact the sample express a single recipient;
      4We are in receipt of your quotation and payment confirmation, to arrange the test  1.In order to avoid delays in your test cycle, please receive my quotation as soon as possible to sign and arrange the payment;
       2.We are in receipt of your signed quotation and payment voucher Division I will begin to arrange test;
       3.Our company will according to your application form information, quotations and confirmed by both parties to arrange the test information;
       4.If you need in the testing process need to understand the test progress and change of the sample, please contact our customer service staff; 
      5SST measurement will be agreed to provide the test report and first fax or send electronic files, while the original and cost of express to your credentials  1.Receive payment vouchers you, our company will according to your application form or quotation information, text report and expense vouchers express to you;
       2.If express you need to check your report, please contact the quotation relates to personnel or customer service;
       3.If you receive our reports have any questions, please contact our customer service personnel, or contact us by email(Email :


       Sharp Standard Testing Technology Co., Ltd

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