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      Changzhou North American Chemical Group was founded in 1980. We are one of the major organic pigment manufacturers in China, with annual 产品介绍ion of 60,000 tonnes. We mainly offer azo, phthalocyanine and solventborne pigments under our brands Hongying, North American and Meixu.

      Our products have been well accepted by our customers worldwide and are widely use in waterborne ink, offset ink, solventborne ink, coating, plastics, rubber, pigment paste, and related fields. 靠谱的外围投注平台


      An ISO9001 certified manufacturer, we focus on quality management. We seek chances to improve the competitiveness of our products in the global market. Since 1997 we became a licensed importer/exporter, we have been Model Exporter of Changzhou for consecutive years.


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      Customers can depend on us to offer high quality consistency and affordable pricing in all products we provide. We warmly invite your inquiry and/or visit and wish to forge cooperation with you toward future success.



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